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We Help You Sell Your House Yourself

Unless you have sold a few properties and been through the process, you should probably hire a professional to sell your house.  However, if you are convinced that selling your house yourself makes sense for you, then listing your house on the MLS is the best advertising you can buy.  Remember there are serious legal obligations you have to abide by when selling your house yourself.  Our Flat Fee MLS Listing service makes it easy for you to market and sell your house yourself, just not by yourself.  You’ll save thousands of dollars on the listing commission.  You decide how much to pay the Buyer Broker based on what your competitors are paying and most importantly you only pay for the services you use.  We are an “a la carte” real estate listing service.

  • Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans

  • Flat Flee MLS Listing for 4 months!
  • Keyword Rich, High Impact Listing
  • E-Lockbox
  • For Sale Yard Sign
  • Virtual Closing Table
  • Complete Review of Transaction
  • Just Listed Postcards
  • National Listing Service (NLS, Canada)
  • Dedicated Website
  • For Sale Brochure
  • Marketing Results Tracking
  • Knowledge & Time
  • Professional Photos
  • Professional Video
  • Seller's Home Warranty
  • Listing Cost Refund

Save 50% Off Of The Cost Of Selling Your Phoenix HouseFlat Fee MLS Discount Listing Service

Would you pay an agent a commission for bringing you the buyer?  Sure you would! Most FSBO Sellers are always offering 2% -4% to agents to encourage them to bring their buyers.  The way to inform over 30,000 local buyer agents that you are willing to pay a Buyer Broker commission is to list your Metro Phoenix house for sale in the MLS, the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service or ARMLS.

9 Out of 10 Homes SOLD, Were Listed On The MLS

You Are In Control, Cancel, Find Your Own Buyer & Pay Zero In Commissions